Blockchain Scenario

Any traffic owner, ad alliance who reaches 1 million UV per day can participate in the chain as a node through public API.
After joined in the platform, the settlement center collects all ad transaction information from the whole network and
calculate, distributed the AD tokens (tokens generated by ADFunds) to the nodes. In addition to accepting advertising
alliance as a node, ordinary traffic
owners can also join in by using the provided SDK.

The pain points of internet advertisement

The advertising data is not transparent, and the advertiser is difficult to accurately calculate the effect of the launch

The main bargaining power of small and medium traffic owners is weak

Long tail traffic can‘t be used, waste in vain

There are many intermediate links and high cost of delivery

The period of settlement is long


The advertising alliance block chain is expected to bring new solutions to the Internet advertising industry, and innovate Internet advertising from the level of production relations, which will greatly reduce all kinds of costs of parties involved, protect the interests of all parties, and improve the efficiency and benefit of traffic transformation.

Flow of Advertisement Trade

Advertiser Block Chain Advertising Alliance Traffic Owner Settlement Center

Ad.Requirement Ad.Task Smart Contrat Distribute Ad. Publish Ad. Ad. Records Finish Task Pay Accounting Settlement Records Award Award

Nodes of ADFunds alliance

Alliance node Alliance node Pay coins according to the ad effect

Advertiser / traffic buyer


Launch ad requirement

Intelligent Matching
Recommend traffic owner

Pay AD token according to
ad effects

Draft and publish the smart contract according to requirement

>>>> >>>>

Traffic owner

Receive ad requirement from advertiser
Settle AD coins according to ad effect(through central ledger in the chain)
Receive ad requirement
Confirm & implement
AD token

AD alliance

Traffic Owner

Blockchain + The core values of advertising

Efficiency improvement

Through precise matching and decentralized delivery, advertising traffic fraud is reduced and billing efficiency is improved

Safe and reliable

All ad data is stored in the nodes of the network's blockchain and will never be lost

Transparent disclosure

Query through the blockchain browser all the advertising transactions, the effect and the issuance of AD coins