The BCAA technology can solve the pain points of traditional ad industry.Provide a complete set of industry block chain solutions for the nodes (enterprises) who want to join in the BCAA.Highly admitted by new users and investors because of business through ad token trading;The more the nodes are added, the higher the value of the AD token will be.AD token is used to purchase clicking traffic, but the display traffic sales are handled by the nodes themselves.The accounting nodes can receive the AD tokens as rewards

Block Chain of Advertisement Alliance(BCAA)

Settlement center

Ad Data Statistics

Access APl of Ad data

Settlement of AD token Award

Block chain

AD token Wallet/Smart Contract

Distributed Ledger/Consensus Mechanism

ID&Access Mechanism/API Development flatform

Advertisement Alliance

Advertising/Data Storage

Precise Matching

Accounting Service

Product Features


By connecting advertisers, third party advertising alliances and the big amount of traffic owners to enhance the transparency of advertising business, and reduce the advertising traffic fraud and improve the settlement efficiency through precise matching and decentralization, so that all traffic can be transformed into corresponding values and benefits.

Decentralized advertisement

To set up a decentralized platform for advertising trading and skip the middle steps, advertisers can deal with the traffic owner directly. All ad data is transparent and traceable.

Smart contract

The published task of the advertiser is a smart contract that can settle the two sides in real time according to each promotion task, significantly shortening the account period of the upstream and downstream and avoiding the contract disputes.

Accurate recommendation and delivery

Match the advertisers and traffic owners based on the advertising data and advertising effect, so as to achieve personalized high quality recommendation, improve the promotion efficiency and ensure the advertising effect. every single click is valuable.

Reward Adjustment Announcement for Node Accounting
After the vote of all nodes of the Adfunds, more than 51% of the nodes voted through the "adjustment of the reward proportion of nodes" proposal. From now on, the reward percentage of all nodes will be adjusted from 20% to 40%. I hereby notify you!